CH8SS is Chess with Curves

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Most chess players will automatically know how to play CH8SS, Chess with Curves, competitively on their very first game.
Yet the pieces are more powerful and there are strategies and game play that go beyond that of classical chess.
Rooks travel in circles, bishops travel in ellipses, knights are diabolical and pawns can become queens in just four moves!

Quickly learn how to play by watching these YouTube Videos:
How to Play                CH8SS Sample Game One

Download the free-to-use Basic CH8SS Shareware App for Windows  Computers
Play against your computer.
Look for the free Android CH8SS App this Summer.

Download the free CH8SS one-page quick instructions pdf

Get the "CH8SS Rules and Strategies" book from Amazon
The book has tips and strategies and describes four games: Ch8ckers, Basic, Magical, and Football Ch8ss.

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Ch8ss: Chess with Nature's Curves 

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Privacy and Security
free Basic CH8SS App is a confirmed safe and virus-free simple and small stand-alone executable file.
It's just the game and has no file writing/reading, networking or data collecting capability.
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